1. Manette, Just saw that you have a new novel out. Great things I wish you for Good Things I Wish You! LOVELY cover. Congrats!

    And I love your website – esp. photos of you and Genevieve (who must be seven or so now, since she was born just days after you so kindly blurbed The Language of Light). She is adorable! (Gorgeous tongues you both have. :-))

  2. Hi Manette,

    I work in marketing for Filedby.com–a cool new online author reader community and wanted to tell you I can’t wait to meet you at the Souther Festival of Books in October! We are a major sponsor and will also have a booth so be sure to stop by and say hi!

    Thanks! Kira

  3. JuliaLovelace says:

    When I was reading Sister, I was deeply touched. You write with the most authentic voice I have ever read. I have a 26-yr.old son who was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder at age 17. As you wrote about Sam from his sister’s eye, I could only think of my son and how lost he has been since that day when he was given such a harsh sentencing. I wept and wept and wept with a grief only one who has experienced real loss can when Sam’s remains were found. It just seemed so paralle to my experience with my son. “Its hard to remember the earlier times when Sam was not spinning in his own lonely orbit.” That is exactly how I would describe my son. He is a beautiful man-child with dreams and once in a while clarity, but mostly he is just spinning all alone. What he talks about has little reality attached and he knows how separate he is from the world he moves in. I cant talk about my son in my world because mental illness is still so taboo. People dont like what they dont understand. When I read an author who can express such depth of emotion, its as though God is telling me that someone out there knows what pain is about. It makes me feel less alone.
    And by the way, I grew up with a mom in a wheel chair in the early 60s. She went where no one had gone before and patiently answered all those patronizing questions and comments. I stood on the back of the chair making faces at kids and thier parents while me mother “educated” them. I wonder if she knew how angry that used to make me. (interesting aside, I never had a dream about my mom in the chair, she was always walking!) I am presently reading Limbo. Wow, I just love everything you write. Thank you, Thank you and Thank you! You are a gift to we readers.

  4. Diane Orlofsky says:

    Almost finished with your autobiography and set of short stories, and then I can proudly say that I have read (and own) all of your books. Your literary voice resonates with me (as does your musician background, since I am a college music professor) and I appreciate your subtle and authentic use of the language. Thank you for enriching my life!


  5. Put the finishing touches on my review of Good Things I Wish You that will publish Friday morning. I love your writing. Fell in love with Vinegar Hill and now I’ve committed to reading everything I can get my hand on this year. Just ordered Sister & Midnight Champagne. You’ve never disappointed.

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