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Good Things I Wish You comes out in paperback on June 22, 2010.  I’m happy to chime in on book club discussions via email or live web chat–if one of you is on Facebook, that’s easy to arrange–or else through an old fashioned phone call.  Shoot me an email (click below) and I’ll be in touch to set the date.  I’ve also got a great recipe for Torte a la Wieck, if you’re interested.  Meanwhile, feel free to subscribe to my blog if you’re looking for reading recommendations, writing exercises, author appearances–my own and authors I enjoy–as well as a little of this and that.


  1. HI, I just started your book and I am looking forward to enjoying it. I see you have a recipe for Torte a la Wieck which I would love to try if you would share the recipe.
    Thank you,
    Laura Burg

  2. I am just now enjoying Blue Water. On page 106 of the paperback edition, Megan is talking about being in the Bahamas for repairs and the cruisers from all over that they meet. How did you happen to choose Cedar Falls, Iowa as one of the locations? It was our home for 40 years and it was fun to see the name in print in your book. Any special reason you chose it?

  3. I’m a piano teacher teaching all my students about Clara Schumann this year. I would really like to try your Torte a la Wieck recipe, if you wouldn’t mind sharing it with me. Thank you.


  4. I just wanted to say how much you encourage and inspire me… merely by accounts of your life, and your perseverance and making the best of things to move forward despite the overwhelming odds and challenges. I’ve been struggling with health issues, and the cognitive impairment is probably the most frightening and debilitating… but I’m recommitting to perseverance, and will mirror your discipline of 2 hours 3x weekly. Thank you… PS. Low dose naltrexone has helped some of my autoimmune issues. I imagine it found it’s way into your regiment when you took the year to focus on life changes to improve your health… but mentioning just in case not. Warmest regards…

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