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12 26 2015

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Thinking today about the old chicken-or-the-egg question: do we choose the stories we tell, or do the stories pick us out of the crowd, follow us home, demand our attention? I just finished reading Rebecca Skloot¡¯s extraordinary first book, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, and it reminded me afresh of how important it is for those of us who write to always be listening, as Stephen Dunn puts it, ¡°with that other, inner ear.¡± A student in a community college biology class, Skloot first saw the name HENRIETTA LACKS written on the board as part of a lecture on cell division. HeLa cells, named after Henrietta, were the first cells to survive–and reproduce–for more than a few days within a lab environment, making possible everything from polio vaccines to cancer therapies to gene mapping. But who was Henrietta Lacks? Skloot wanted to know. ¡°No one knows anything about her,¡± her instructor replied. ¡°She was a black woman.¡± Cheap Seattle Seahawks jerseys

Hendricks was a boy in Harlem. As each child came up to see him, his eyes -- how they twinkled."It means a lot. It really, really truly means a lot," he said. "A lot of people don't understand that most of these kids are underprivileged; they come from one-[parent] homes and generally don't get many gifts. So for them to be part of this -- and of course the Boys & Girls Club, which Major League Baseball sponsors -- is very rewarding. It's rewarding to me, to see these kids happy." Even though being a New Year's Eve baby often meant he had to open a Christmas and birthday gift as a package deal, Hendricks said. "Santa Claus was everything" way back when. A bundle of toys he had flung on his back, and he looked like a peddler just opening his pack. "Cap guns," he recalled. "Back in our day, we used to get the cap guns with the caps and whatnot. But you can't give the kids guns anymore. That was our thing. Because remember when we grew up, it was always Westerns. So cap guns were my favorite." Santa's appearance was preceded by a 33-year veteran of the New York Police Department, who came with lots of toys himself and a message to all the kids: Police are your friends, they "help those who can't help themselves," and remember "stranger/danger."

S"This is really a special night," Giordano said. "Many of our kids are trapped by the corners of the communities they live in. So just to get them out and experience something new allows kids to see that there is something beyond the four corners of the streets of their neighborhood. It allows them to dream, and one of the things that's really important is that we have kids dream. What is their dream? What do you want to become?" In real life, Hendricks has a job that many would consider a dream come true. He has three grown children (one even bigger than he), and he proudly adds that there are five grandchildren. One of them, a 2-year-old, was at the "Kids Day" holiday party earlier in the day at the MLB offices, and he said wearily, "That's why I'm sitting down." The kids saw him sitting down and they were happy. Seattle Seahawks jerseys Free Shopping No one really knows whether he will be actively guiding a miniature sleigh and eight tiny reindeer a handful of nights in the future. Cheap Seattle Seahawks Jersey, the small, winged cynic on my shoulder begins to mutter and twitch. ¡°Can¡¯t be that good,¡± it grumbles. ¡°Probably disappointing.¡± Within minutes of beginning The Immortal Life, said cynic was reading as voraciously as I, captivated by the unlikely marriage of personal interest story–the emotionally impacting story of Lacks herself, which unfolds in step with the developing relationship between Skloot and Lacks’s living daughter–and the story of HeLa cells themselves: their discovery, their commercial development, their impact on modern medicine and, as a result, every person living today. Technically speaking, what makes this book a lasting masterpiece is the skill with which Skloot is able to portray both the personal and the scientific, making each story equally engaging and, through that process, strengthening each. One might argue that Skloot, who earned her MFA at The University of Pittsburgh and is a contributing editor at Popular Science, is uniquely suited to write this particular story, skilled as she is in both in the portrayal of human pathos and the analysis of scientific fact. But Skloot¡¯s interest in Lacks began long before she¡¯d developed this particular skill set, and it lasted through long years of disappointment in which Lack¡¯s descendants–burned by past experiences with both reporters and the medical establishment–refused to be interviewed. It lasted through self-financed research trips, broken relationships, job changes, life changes. Through it all, beneath it all, that primal heartbeat pumped out its question: Who was Henrietta Lacks?Cheap NFL Seattle Seahawks jerseys

"If you can put a smile on a child's face, that's the experience in itself," Santa said. "The way this world is today, and the stuff we have to go through just to make a kid happy, to make a kid understand that somebody cares about them, and I give all the credit in the world to the employees of Major League Baseball, because they go out and they buy the gifts that the kids ask for. All I do is facilitate."Cheap Seattle Seahawks jersey

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