Found Poem

It seems my German friend Winfried (who give me all my best lines:  see Author’s Statement regarding the writing of Good Things I Wish You) has downloaded Dragon, a voice-recognition app, onto his iPhone.  All I had to do was break his email into stanzas.




Hi minutes. Hello minutes. Couldn’t talk my net. Hey in the net.
Nanette, how are you? Minutes. What is going on? Man net you doing
well? Minutes are you asleep already? Minutes your names to test.


Minutes can you believe that? Men at this program can not learn your
name, however, it turned my name. Incredible, isn’t it? Made by Lynn
freed and Dragon. I was trying to say you need to pay Winfried and


Dragon. No, I was trying to say you need to body Winfrey and Dragon.
Wrong again, I was trying to save me into body Winfrey and Dragon.
Stupid blogger, I am trying to say you need to buy bling free debt and

Dragon. What’s wrong with this problem? I think I’m just I’m just
trying to hard. I am trying to save going on me into buying Winfried
and Dragon trying again. I think if I try to hard this program can

understand me. What’s I tried to say is needed by Winfried and Dragon.
I’m just trying to say made by Winfried and try for her. I’m just
trying to save me but Winfried and Dragon. Noah. I am just trying to

say and made by Winfried and try again. Not try it again. Made by
Winfried and Dragon. Finally got it. Noah, I said finally it got it. I
never said no why I said no. I didn’t say no one I said no. Enough of


that nonsense.

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